William Lewis Strickler

William Lewis Saintley Strickler was born in Rockbridge County, Virginia and served in the 1st Rockbridge Artillery. The 1st Rockbridge Artillery was attached to the Stonewall Brigade. He rose through the ranks until he became a 2nd Sergeant, a rank which he held until the surrender at Appomattox. He was described as,  “A man of remarkable physique, six feet high, broad shoulders and powerful limbs. One of the best soldiers in the Rockbridge Artillery.  ”At the Battle of Winchester, one of the guns became lodged against a gatepost while changing position. Cpl. A.S. Whitt and Cpl. William Strickler went out under heavy fire to free the gun. Cpl Whitt retreated while Cpl. Strickler admirably stood amidst the storm of shrapnel to chop down the hitching post with an axe.” Strickler moved to Ladoga after the war, living there until his death in 1893. He is buried in the Ladoga Cemetery.William Strickler


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One Response to “William Lewis Strickler”

  1. Frank Strickler Says:

    william L. Strickler is my great grand uncle. Brother to my great grandfather James A. Strickler who also served in the 1st. Rockbridge Artillery, Another brother, Archibald Strickler served in the 2nd. Rockbridge Artillery. He also moved to Ladoga after the war. My great grandfather remainde in Rockbridge County after the war.

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