Braxton Delaney Cash



Braxton Cash was another prominent farmer who came to Montgomery County after the war and settled southwest of Crawfordsville.  His obituary indicated that he was, “…a Confederate soldier who served in Stonewall Jackson’s Black Horse Cavalry.”  He was buried with Masonic honors and was surrounded by fellow Masons who fought on the Union side.  The speaker observed that, “The boys in blue filed around the grave of the boy in gray, depositing a sprig of evergreen upon his remains.  Beneath these tributes of respect, the ex-confederate sweetly sleeps in peace.  His last march is ended, his last battle fought and he silently bivouacs in the tentless field of the dead where he calmly awaits the bugle call when the blue and the gray will be marshaled under the one flag, the flag of peace.”  Braxton Cash died in 1899 and is buried in the Masonic Cemetery on Grant Street.


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