Louis Napoleon Nelson

Nelson Winbush

Louis Napoleon Nelson rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest during the  War.  He was a member of Co M of the 7th Tennessee Cavalry.  He saw action in battles at Shiloh, Lookout Mountain, Brice’s Crossroads, and Vicksburg.  Forrest said that he had 45 black slaves who went with him to war.  He said “…these boys stayed with me…and better Confederates did not live.”  Louis Napoleon Nelson was buried in his full Confederate uniform with the Battle Flag draped over his casket.  His grandson Nelson Winbush is a proud member of the Jacob Summerlin Camp #1516 of the SCV.  Winbush still treasures the flag that adorned his grandfather’s coffin.  The picture shows Nelson at the Memphis train station in 1932 before leaving for a Confederate reunion—one of 39 that he attended.   The young man shaking his hand is his grandson, Nelson Winbush.

Nathan Bedford Forrest



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  1. steffon wydell jones Says:

    we have formed a 7th tenn dismounted cav here in youngstown ,canton which is ohio and we have members from new castle pa.we our company m for louis napoleon nelson for his service. we have a face book site tenns seventh cav

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