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Brigadier General Lew Armistead, Army of Northern Virginia

June 27, 2011

John Armistead Crone

June 25, 2011

John Armistead Crone

John Crone and his wife Dawn have two daughters,  Carolina  and Sarah.  All are card-carrying members of the NRA.  John is the Field Representative for the National Rifle Association for Indiana.  He was born and raised in Decatur, Alabama and has Confederate ancestors too numerous to mention on both sides of his family.  He went to college at the Citadel in Charleston, S.C. and was on active duty after graduation serving in Desert Storm and Bosnia.   He will be going to Iraq with his reserve unit in 2011.  His great-great grandfather is General Lew Armistead, who was killed at Gettysburg, leading a valiant charge against the Union forces with his hat held high on his sword, telling them, “Steady boys, steady.”